30 Dec 2010

About Noodles

We were looking for a male rescue dog. A Wire Fox Terrier, to be precise, like our previous two dogs, Watson and Jackson. Both of them had been rehomed to us via Fox Terrier Rescue so that seemed a logical place to start our search.

So we registered our interest and waited. And waited. It seemed that there were many females, but no males available. We also registered with the Wire Fox Terrier Association Welfare and Rehoming Scheme. And waited.

We were about to go away on holiday when I heard via the WFTA about a Wire Fox Terrier that was being used as a stud dog and now needed a new home. There was also a young Welsh Terrier, we were told. By the time we came back from our hols the WFT had been snapped up. But the Welsh Terrier was still available. He would be a bit of a challenge as he was an entire male, living outside in kennels, so not housetrained. And he had been used for stud. Were we interested?

We thought long and hard and decided that perhaps it was just meant to be. I was missing having a dog so much. I missed the loyalty and companionship. I missed walking with friends and their dogs. I missed peaceful evenings spent with a dog snoring on my lap. In fact I missed everything, even the health problems and sleepless nights worrying about our previous dog, Jackson, and his ever escalating vet fees. We thought perhaps it would be easier having a different breed, not a constant reminder of what we had so recently lost. 

And so we said yes. Yes to a new little terrier with all the challenges he would bring. Beryl from the WFTA very kindly arranged his transportation down south and so on the 8th August 2010 we went to collect him from Andrew Hunt, President of the WFTA, who had helped with his onward journey to us.

When he was first let out of his crate we saw at once that he was adorable. A tiny terrier, full of mischief and fun. He ran about the yard constantly marking his territory. So excited to meet us, so eager to please. And so our adventures with Noodles had begun.