13 May 2012

Ask Before Approaching

We are often interrupted on our strolls by people wishing to stroke Noodles. Noodles generally reacts the same way; he'll cautiously sniff any outstretched hand and then bark as it looms in closer to his head. Usually this causes the person to snatch back their hand quickly and then full on barking begins.

I explain that he may quieten down and creep closer for attention if they just leave him alone but some people persist in talking to him and ignoring everything I say. I think I've heard just about every variation of "He must be able to smell my cat/dog/guinea pig etc".

I've been looking for a while for a suitable product which would alert passers-by that not every dog is people friendly so I was delighted to discover these Dog Flags. They slip over any lead with a variety of useful messages, appropriate for dogs in need of space from either people or other dogs. I recently purchased "Ask Before Approaching" and "I'm in Training" which Noodles has been sporting when out and about. They have certainly generated a lot of interest and comments, and I've found people do pay more attention.

If only they made them for humans :)