24 Feb 2011


One of the most distressing things Noodles did in his first week with us was continual pacing. He paced in circles, making a large circuit which included our basement and garden, always going the same way. If we blocked him or put up obstacles he just changed his route slightly. It was very difficult to snap him out of it using toys or food as he wasn't interested in either initially. This has since changed, of course.

It was as though he was being overwhelmed and wanted to block everything out. We knew he'd be stressed in his new environment but no idea how much. We used a DAP diffuser, which did seem to help and borrowed a K9 Kalmer from a friend. I'm not convinced that it was actually anything other than an expensive set of flashing lights but thought anything was worth a try.

After a few days the pacing gradually subsided and he began to seem more relaxed. However, I've noticed that he reverts to this anytime he's particularly stressed but it's much easier to break the cycle now.

I did think of posting a video to demonstrate this behaviour but it's not particularly pleasant viewing so opted for a cute photo instead.


  1. We totally agree it is a very cute photo of Noodles. He is very handsome.

  2. Autumn did similar behavior when I adopted her. She had been in a puppy mill as a "mama" for 4 years.

    Lots of love and petting and attention and soft warm voices brought her out of it. However, even now, she's stressed-out by loud voices.

    I think in time Noodles will understand he is safe and start to enjoy his wonderful family! We'll be watching Noodles progress!

  3. And it is such a cute photo ;-)

    My Welshie paced too, but for a different reason, he started doing little circles around the age of 15. That particular symptom, plus his change in sleep habits, lead me to a diagnosis of Canine Cognitive Disorder (like doggy Alzheimer's). He also lost his vision, so I wonder if that was a safe move, less likely to run into things. The vet prescribed a medication for CCD, which helped a little. Our yard looked like it had crop circles in it from his pacing. So hard to watch them struggle, isn't it? I'm glad Noodles is able to relax more these days, and that he knows days are filled with love.

  4. Wow, never heard of an unchained pooch doing that. But then, our mommy paces relentlessly while she is talking on the phone. Round and round the table she goes, mindlessly cleaning the tile floor and picking up imaginary lint from the ground! Sure hope she's not getting that CCD!!
    BabyRD and Hootie

    ps-Hootie has never been milled, but he is a habitual licker. He is always licking his paws.

  5. Its early days, but you have done so well with him.

  6. I'm so glad noodles is with you. I know that youare giving him the most love and care and in time his anziety will be less and less frequent.
    He is such a beautiful boy and has found the most amazing parents.

    It's hard to see the effects of his previous life, but i know you can give him the safe and secure feeling that he needs.

    GoNoodles! I love you ,and I know angel Jackson is lending a helping paw too
    smoochie kisses

  7. Oh my...what a lovely pic of Noodles!

    I think it was Jake or Fergie who had a lot of trouble with pacing...it sounds as though he is making fine progress and we are so glad you all found each other!!

    Scruffy also has a quick bladder..so quick he has been known to pee in his water bowl while drinking...

    We have been thinking about you and also dear Jackson..we miss him!

    As for peeing in the garden, Bruvver sprinkled his front yard at night when they got a new puppy. He swears by it...


    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanny

  8. We like this picture better than a video of him being upset. We know he found the best place in the world to live and as time goes on will get better and better! Love and kisses A and A

  9. What a sweet picture of you, Noodles! You have the best home ever! We bet one day soon, you won't even remember to pace.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Hi Noodles! Nice to meet you. That's a picture of you. I wonder if this pacing in circles behaviour was caused by you being kept in a cage for a long time before you were rescued?

  11. Our Welshie Woosie did that as well - as with Pam's post (above) it was his sickness that caused it. Meds helped in the beginning, by the end he tried so hard to pace but couldn't quite keep on his feet - had to help him stand when he voided. Despite how hard those last months were with him I miss him every single day and would go through it all again. We lost him a few days shy of our 12th anniversary.

  12. This is hard for Moma to read. It's Fergi that paced. And still paces. She was a puppy mill breeder for eight years ... and she's been "home" about two and a half years. She's made LOTS of progress ... but she still paces. Always the same direction. Always. If she's "tricked" to change her direction, she reverts back ASAP. She spun in circles so violently in her crate that she moved it across the room. So ... she's not crated anymore. BUT ... she's happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Others may not see it. But we do. And every week she does something new. She's still making progress. And, oh my gosh. Do we love her? We ADORE her! And we are soooo glad she's part of our family, JUST as we're glad that Noodles is part of YOUR family. It's a wonderful thing. So wonderful, Moma says she'll do it all over again someday. With another pup. It's a win win situation.

    (Moma'd love to compare notes, if you like. Like with Autumn, you all have something very much in common.)

    Jake (and Family)

  13. Dear Noodles I'm so wagging proud you are doing so well though I'm so sad you were so very stressed and worried. Thank dog you have such wonderful leggeds and you all found each other, seems like fate to me. Can't wait to hear about all your progress you are one smart welshie and a super cute one too!

    Wiry love and kisses Eric xxx

  14. You are looking very handsome, Noodles! We hope, as time goes on, that you will relax more in your new home and forget your past life completely! It took Patches a loooong time before she felt completely at ease here, but now, you would never know she had a life before this one!

    Penny & Patches