18 Mar 2011

The Stairmaster

Learning how to climb stairs was one of Noodles's first challenges. There are lots of stairs in our house and even steps up to our front door. [On re-reading, it sounds as though we live in a very big house, which I can promise you we don't!]

I guess that Noodles had never seen stairs before or if he had, he'd forgotten how to tackle them. In the early days he simply refused to go either up or down. He just sat and wouldn't budge. Even the lure of treats didn't work. He did seem to enjoy being carried up and down them though, but at least he's only 6.5kg unlike our previous terrier, Jackson.

In the end the solution was easy; we were out on a walk with his pal, Molly the Irish Terrier, and saw a bridge over a railway station with a long flight of stairs either side. Molly went on ahead and Noodles just followed without a second thought. We've found Molly very helpful in a number of situations like this and he certainly looks to her when he's unsure what to do or how to behave.

Noodles's current approach to climbing stairs is quite comical. He pauses for a moment and then flings himself up them at top speed, in a mad scramble. He uses the same method to go down as well. If anyone happens to be on the staircase at the same time they are mere obstacles in his path; he has been known to run directly into the back of my knees. How I haven't broken my neck is anyone's guess. J2 did break a toe and dislocate 2 others on Christmas Day, but that's another story!


  1. Noodles
    how wondewful to see you!!!!!
    It's lovely that you have such a gweat pal in Molly and she can helo you leawn things that seem scaiwy.
    i hope J1 doesn't get plowed down in the pwocess, but I bet you look amazing zooming up and down. I wish i could see you. Mommi says you have a lovely house .
    smoochie kisses

  2. J2 broke a toe and dislocated two others...OUCH!!!!

    Noodle's stair approach is how Scruffy first did stairs as a pup. On one of his first adventures DOWN the stairs, he forgot to move his back legs and slid all the way down them...he was one surprised dog at the bottom. Noodles is so adorable...and tiny...well, dear Jax was a substantial boy. Kisses to him and to the dear Wheelies also...

    Mumsie and the pack!

  3. We can picture Noodles scrambling up and down the stairs ... full speed ahead! There's a whole new world up and down those flights of steps!

    Jake and Fergs were much the same in the beginning ... if they approached the steps at all, they stopped with the riser pressing against their front legs, as if it was a magnet. Once they had did eventually tackle the flights, weeks or months later, their styles were their own. Now, Fergi's hips swivel like a floozie when she goes down. Jake, at times still gets a really wide stance. But, believe us, the days of inability or intimidation are long gone.

    Take care! Watch those toes!

    Love and xx
    Jake and Fergi and TheirMoma

  4. Well done Noodles! How can you not want to go upstairs all the time? The bedsheets are a perfect place to clean your beard - I always jump all over the bed when no one is looking - keep up the good work,


  5. What a great solution, Noodles! Get the stairs behind you as soon as possible. I never liked them either and now that I'm "old", I don't have to tackle them anymore! yeaaaaaaaa

    Love ya lots,

  6. That's some super smarts you have Noodles looking to Molly for guidance! Don't like stairs much myself unless I'm chasing the kittie up them or he is chasing ME down them!

    Wiry ones Eric xx

  7. Whatever it takes, Noodles. While your method would not suit me, it is quite appropriate for a springy terrier dog. Heck, my grandpa angus the airedale used to sometimes go so fast that his legs barely touched the stairs at all.

    Of course having a buddy go first is most encouraging.


  8. Noodles listen , I Agatha go up and down the stairs like that and my PL2 says she knows one day she is going to be found at the bottom of the of the steps. with my leash wrapped around her neck..as for my brother.? he sort of winds up a couple of time to get up and does about three or four and then has to be carried ...there is something to this I think) Listen stairs aren't all they make them out to be.. Love A+A

  9. Noodles.... we are so excited to meet you... We will be following your progress.

    Blu Loo Loo and the Tribe

  10. Sweet Noodles
    We all thought a lot about you , youw pawents and my dawling angel Jackson today.
    I'm so vewy glad that mommi and Daddi had the chance to visit you and snuggle wif youw angel bwuvvew. Thank you fow youw good wishes. We will be waising ouw glasses to J1 and J2 tommowwow! wishing love and good health and joy to all of you.
    I know you have bwought all that to theiw lives just by being thewe. I hope someday to meet you snout to snout
    smoochie kisses

  11. Noodles! Stairs can really be a problem, as are so many things on this exciting material plane.
    Congrats on your mastery, all done in your unique, precious Noodles way! An dhow fortunate to have a friend like Molly to help you.
    Your friends WAY across the pond in Colorado,
    Cindy, Sugar Bear, and Beauty
    Check us out on Facebook at FTN

  12. So glad you have another dog. They are such wonderful company.

    Noodles sounds like Buddy while he's temporarily wearing a cone on his head. He dashes everywhere and refuses to back up when he runs into anything. He runs full speed into the back of my legs, into the steps, into the door while I'm on the other side trying to open or close it(the opposite of what he's doing). Things fall over. So far, I've stayed on my feet.

  13. Hi, Noodles!
    I am sure you will be a "stair master" soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. We saw your comment on the Welsh Terrier FB page. What a great blog you have here! We have a 3-year-old Welsh named Gabi.

    We look forward to seeing more updates from Noodles.

    All the best!

  15. Hi Noodles! It's so nice to meet you. I was one of Jackson's blogging friends. You are a real cutie. Glad to know you're handling the stairs very well!

  16. Another thing to check off your "to do list" Noodles!! BabyRocketDog was very suspicious of stairs but I,Hootie, never thought twice about scaling them. Hope all is well.
    (Mommy's been voting for you on that thingy through FB.)
    Smooches from pooches,
    Hootie(Welshie) and Baby (Airehead)

  17. Noodles, Thank you for stopping by. It will help us through all this.

    Essex & Dog Dad.

  18. Thank you for stopping by Joe's blog, the comments have helped us all so much.